BTS Fashion: Iconic Outfits and Style Evolution Through the Years

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Early Days

BTS debuted with a blend of streetwear and preppy styles, often seen in colorful jackets, snapbacks, and sneakers.

Hip Hop Influence

Embracing hip-hop culture, they favored oversized hoodies, distressed jeans, and statement accessories, showcasing a more edgy and urban look.

Mature Sophistication

Transitioning to a more refined aesthetic, BTS experimented with tailored suits, leather jackets, and sleek monochrome ensembles, reflecting a more mature image.

Global Fashion Icons

As their international fame soared, BTS became synonymous with high fashion, donning designer labels and bold, avant-garde pieces on red carpets and magazine covers.


Breaking gender norms, BTS explored androgynous styles, incorporating elements like skirts, chokers, and floral patterns into their wardrobe, advocating for inclusivity and self-expression.

Retro Revival

Embracing nostalgia, BTS revisited retro fashion trends from the '80s and '90s, sporting vibrant colors, bold patterns, and vintage-inspired silhouettes in their music videos and performances.

Casual Chic

Amidst a global pandemic, BTS adopted a more laid-back yet polished style, prioritizing comfort with oversized sweaters, athleisure wear, and statement accessories for virtual appearances.


Advocating for eco-consciousness, BTS incorporated sustainable fashion choices into their wardrobe, promoting ethical brands


Each member began to assert their unique fashion personas, experimenting with diverse styles ranging from avant-garde to minimalist