Chart-Topping Hits: The Best of Toby Keith

Should've Been a Cowboy

Toby Keith burst onto the scene with this debut single, which quickly became a 90s country anthem and his most iconic song.

Like Me Now?!

This defiant anthem marked Keith's emergence as a country superstar, topping charts and winning hearts.

The Angry American

A patriotic response to 9/11, this song solidified Keith's place as a voice for American pride and resilience.

Beer for My Horses

A collaboration with Willie Nelson, this song blends traditional country themes with modern flair, becoming a fan favorite.

I Love This Bar

Showcasing Keith's ability to connect with everyday life, this song celebrates the simple joys found in local watering holes.

As Good as I Once Was

A reflective piece on aging and vitality, this hit resonates with listeners for its humor and honesty.

American Soldier

A tribute to the armed forces, this song highlights Keith's support for the military and his patriotic spirit.

Red Solo Cup

A departure from his more serious work, this party anthem became a surprising hit, showcasing Keith's versatility.

God Love Her

Blending rock influences with country, this track demonstrates Keith's ability to tell compelling stories through his music.