Country Karaoke Night: Toby Keith Edition Sing Along to Your Favorites

Country Karaoke Night

Step up to the mic and get ready to channel your inner Toby Keith with these karaoke classics that are sure to get the crowd on their feet.

Should've Been a Cowboy

Kick off the night with Toby Keith's debut single, a nostalgic ode to the cowboy lifestyle that's perfect for showcasing your twangy vocals.

Red Solo Cup

Get the party started with this fun and catchy anthem celebrating the beloved party essential – the red solo cup – guaranteed to have everyone singing along.

Courtesy of the Red

Raise your voice in patriotic pride with this powerful tribute to the American spirit, delivering a heartfelt performance that'll have the crowd cheering.

You Like Me Now

Embrace your confidence and swagger as you belt out this defiant hit, letting everyone know that you're here to steal the spotlight.

Beer for My Horses

Join forces with your karaoke partner for this spirited duet, sharing a toast to justice and good times with Toby Keith's iconic collaboration.

I Love This Bar

Settle into the laid-back groove of this barroom anthem, celebrating the simple pleasures of camaraderie and cold drinks with your fellow karaoke enthusiasts.

American Soldier

Honor the brave men and women in uniform with a heartfelt rendition of this moving tribute, showcasing your respect and gratitude for their service.

Whiskey Girl

Embrace your wild side with this upbeat track, raising a glass to the free-spirited whiskey girls everywhere as you sing along with gusto.