Essential Toby Keith Songs Every Fan Should Know"

Should've Been

This iconic debut single propelled Toby Keith to stardom, showcasing his traditional country sound and storytelling prowess.

How Do You Like Me

A defiant anthem of self-confidence and resilience, this hit song solidified Keith's status as a country music force to be reckoned with.

White and Blue

A patriotic powerhouse, this song stirred controversy while resonating deeply with fans for its unabashedly patriotic themes.

Beer for My Horses

Featuring Willie Nelson, this collaboration became an instant classic, blending country twang with a catchy hook and memorable lyrics.

I Love This Bar"

An ode to small-town life and local watering holes, this feel-good anthem became a staple in Keith's repertoire.


A heartfelt tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women serving in the military, showcasing Keith's appreciation for the armed forces.

As Good as I Once Was

A humorous yet poignant reflection on aging and past glory days, this song became a fan favorite for its relatable lyrics and catchy melody.

Red Solo Cup

An unexpected hit, this tongue-in-cheek celebration of the iconic party cup became a staple at tailgates and gatherings everywhere.

Made in America

A celebration of American values and pride in domestic products, this patriotic anthem struck a chord with audiences across the nation.