Exclusive Interview: Toby Keith Reveals His Musical Inspirations


In an exclusive interview with country music icon Toby Keith, the star opened up about the diverse range of influences that have shaped his illustrious career.


Keith fondly reminisced about his upbringing in Moore, Oklahoma, where he was exposed to various genres of music from a young age.

Country Roots

A patriotic powerhouse, this song stirred controversy and patriotism alike with its unabashedly pro-American lyrics following the events of 9/11.

Roll Influence

The rebellious spirit of rock 'n' roll also made a significant impact on Keith's musical style, with artists like The Rolling Stones and Bob Seger inspiring his energetic performances.

Blues and Soul

Keith's musical palette extends beyond country and rock, citing the soulful sounds of artists like Ray Charles and B.B. King as influences that have helped shape his unique vocal delivery.


A heartfelt tribute to the men and women in uniform, this song showcases Keith's deep respect and admiration for the sacrifices made by those who serve.


With its humorous yet relatable lyrics, this song became a fan favorite, resonating with audiences who appreciate Keith's down-to-earth storytelling.

Honoring Tradition

An unexpected hit, this lighthearted party anthem celebrates the beloved red plastic cup, showcasing Keith's ability to infuse fun into his music.

Diverse Influences

A celebration of American pride and values, this song struck a chord with audiences, earning its place as one of Keith's most iconic tracks.