Famous White Persian Cats in Pop Culture


Snowbell is one of the most iconic white Persian cats in pop culture. He is the family pet of the Little family and plays a significant role in the adventures

Mr. Jinx

Mr. Jinx is a memorable character in the comedy film "Meet the Parents." He is the beloved pet cat of Jack Byrnes, portrayed as a pampered

The Aristocats

Though not a purebred Persian, Duchess from Disney's "The Aristocats" is a white long-haired cat with Persian-like features. She is elegant, graceful

Austin Powers

Mr. Bigglesworth is the bald white Persian cat belonging to the villain Dr. Evil in the "Austin Powers" film series. His distinctive appearance


Choupette gained fame as the beloved pet of fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. This pampered white Persian cat lived a luxurious lifestyle, traveling


Historical accounts suggest that Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, had a penchant for white Persian cats. These felines were cherished companions


While not exclusively Persian, Grumpy Cat's distinct appearance and grumpy demeanor made her an internet sensation. Her unique facial expression


White Persian cats often dominate the show circuit due to their stunning appearance and luxurious coats. Many have won prestigious titles in various

That Darn

In the 1965 Disney film "That Darn Cat!", a Persian cat named D.C. plays a pivotal role in helping solve a kidnapping case. This film contributed to the popularity