How Amateur Astronomers Help NASA Track Near-Earth Asteroids

Dive into the world of amateur astronomy and discover how these passionate stargazers play a vital role in NASA's efforts to track near-Earth asteroids.


Explore the growing trend of citizen science in astronomy, where amateur astronomers contribute their time, skills, and equipment to assist professional scientists.

Citizen Science

Learn how amateur astronomers participate in sky surveys and observations, scanning the night sky for moving objects and reporting their findings.

Sky Surveys

Delve into the excitement of amateur astronomers discovering new asteroids, often spotting previously unknown objects during their routine sky observations.

New Asteroids

Understand the critical role of amateur astronomers in tracking near-Earth objects (NEOs), including potentially hazardous asteroids that could pose a threat to our planet.


Explore the astrometry techniques used by amateur astronomers to measure the positions of asteroids accurately, enabling precise orbit determination and long-term tracking.


Highlight the collaboration between amateur astronomers and professional observatories, where data collected by citizen scientists complement.


Discuss the educational and outreach initiatives led by amateur astronomers, inspiring the next generation of space enthusiasts and fostering public awareness of asteroid hazards.


As we conclude our exploration, we recognize the invaluable contributions of amateur astronomers to NASA's mission of understanding and protecting Earth from the potential.