Inside NASA's Space Station: Life Beyond Earth

Welcome aboard NASA's space station, a marvel of engineering where astronauts live and work in the microgravity environment of Earth orbit.


Explore the design and structure of the space station, a modular habitat comprising interconnected modules dedicated to research, living quarters, and operations.


Discover the living accommodations for astronauts, including sleeping quarters, dining areas, exercise facilities, and hygiene stations adapted for life without gravity.

Living in Space

Learn about the state-of-the-art research facilities onboard, where astronauts conduct experiments in fields such as biology, physics, astronomy.


Experience the breathtaking views of Earth from the space station's observation windows, where astronauts study natural phenomena, monitor climate patterns.


Explore the collaborative efforts between NASA and international partners, including space agencies from Russia, Europe, Japan, and Canada.

Uniting Nations

Follow the daily routines of astronauts as they perform maintenance tasks, conduct experiments, exercise, and engage in leisure activities to maintain physical.

Crew Activities

Learn about the vital role of Mission Control centers around the world, where teams of experts monitor and support space station operations, ensuring the safety.

Mission Control

Reflect on the significance of NASA's space station as a symbol of human ingenuity and collaboration, paving the way for future missions to explore the cosmos.