Keith's Legacy Lives On Through Renewed Popularity

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Domination of the Charts

Toby Keith was featured in nine of the top ten songs on the chart of February 17, 2024. This indicates that he held an astounding 90% of the top positions.

Beyond Legend

This achievement broke records previously held by prominent figures in country music, such as Kenny Rogers and Taylor Swift, who accounted for seven and six of the top ten positions, respectively.

After-death Effect

Keith was the first musician in history to attain such prominence on the charts following their passing. It's evidence of his continuing appeal and the impact of his songs.

Not Just the Best Ten

He didn't have to stay in the top 10. Keith's songs also claimed 13 of the top 15 slots, further consolidating his dominance on the charts.

Between Categories

His music had a boom across genres, influencing the Billboard Hot 100 and other charts, even while the record was on the Country Digital Song Sales chart.