Meet the Astronauts: Life in Space with NASA's Brave Explorers

Meet the extraordinary men and women of NASA, the brave astronauts who venture beyond Earth's atmosphere to explore the wonders of space.


NASA's astronauts undergo rigorous selection and training processes, preparing them physically, mentally, and emotionally for the challenges of spaceflight.


Assigned to various missions, astronauts play critical roles in scientific research, technology development, and space station operations, contributing to humanity's.


Experience the thrill of launch day as astronauts blast off into space, embarking on missions ranging from short-duration shuttle flights to long-duration stays.


Discover what it's like to live and work aboard the International Space Station, where astronauts conduct experiments, perform maintenance tasks, and experience life in microgravity.

Space Station

Step outside the confines of the space station with astronauts as they conduct exhilarating spacewalks, performing repairs and installations while floating in the vacuum of space.


Learn about the diverse scientific experiments conducted by astronauts aboard the space station, contributing to advancements in fields such as biology, physics, and materials science.

Scientific Research

Follow astronauts as they bid farewell to the space station and return to Earth, reuniting with loved ones and sharing their experiences from their journey in space.

Return to Earth

Meet the astronauts who inspire future generations to reach for the stars, igniting a passion for space exploration and discovery in young minds around the world.

Next Generation