Most Underrated Songs That Deserve More Recognition


This hauntingly beautiful track combines ethereal melodies with emotive lyrics, yet often flies under the radar in the alternative music scene.


With its raw emotion and powerful acoustic arrangement, "Oceans" showcases Seafret's talent for crafting deeply moving songs that resonate with listeners.


Bahamas' soulful vocals and intricate guitar work shine in this underrated gem, which offers a poignant exploration of love and loss.

Run River Run

"Run River Run" captivates with its infectious energy and heartfelt lyrics, yet remains overshadowed by other indie folk anthems.


Emmit Fenn's haunting vocals and atmospheric production create an immersive experience in "Painting Greys," a track that deserves more recognition in the electronic music scene.

by Novo Amor

Novo Amor's evocative storytelling and lush instrumentation shine in "Anchor," a mesmerizing ballad that deserves a spot among indie folk's finest.

Sufjan Stevens

While featured in the film "Call Me by Your Name," "Mystery of Love" deserves more recognition as a standalone masterpiece for its delicate beauty and introspective lyrics.

The Middle East

"Blood" showcases The Middle East's talent for crafting intricate folk arrangements and poignant lyrics, yet remains overlooked in the indie music landscape.

by Local Natives

"Dark Days" combines Local Natives' signature harmonies with poignant lyricism, making it a standout track that deserves more attention from music lovers.