Spacewalks: Behind-the-Scenes with NASA's Spacewalkers

Experience the thrilling world of spacewalks, as NASA astronauts step out of the safety of their spacecraft to perform vital maintenance tasks and scientific experiments in the vacuum.


Delve into the rigorous training regimen undergone by astronauts to simulate the challenges of spacewalks, including underwater simulations and virtual reality exercises.

Astronaut Training

Explore the iconic spacesuits worn by astronauts during spacewalks, marveling at their advanced technology designed to provide life support and protection in the harsh environment.

Suiting Up

Witness the moment as astronauts exit the safety of the airlock, venturing into the vast expanse of space tethered only by a lifeline to their spacecraft.

Exiting the Airlock

Learn about the specialized tools and equipment used by astronauts during spacewalks, including tethering systems, handrails, and power tools designed for use in microgravity.

Tools of the Trade

Follow along as astronauts perform critical tasks such as repairing spacecraft components, installing new equipment, and conducting scientific experiments outside.

Performing Tasks

Discover how astronauts adapt to unexpected challenges during spacewalks, from communication glitches to equipment malfunctions.


Experience the awe-inspiring views enjoyed by astronauts during spacewalks, as they gaze upon Earth from hundreds of miles above, surrounded by the endless expanse.

Views from Above

Reflect on the bravery and dedication of NASA's spacewalkers, whose efforts pave the way for future missions to explore new frontiers beyond Earth's atmosphere.