Toby Keith Trivia Challenge: How Well Do You Know the Country Legend

Early Life

Where was Toby Keith born, and what was his birth name before he legally changed it to Toby Keith?

Songwriting Prowess

Name one famous country song that Toby Keith wrote for another artist before releasing it himself.

Acting Career

In what film did Toby Keith make his acting debut, playing the lead role alongside Kelly Preston?

Patriotic Anthem

Which song did Toby Keith write in response to the September 11 attacks, earning him both praise and controversy?

Restaurant Venture

What is the name of Toby Keith's chain of restaurants, known for its country-themed atmosphere and American cuisine?

Awards and Honors

How many Academy of Country Music Awards has Toby Keith won in his career?

Philanthropic Work

Which charitable organization did Toby Keith establish to support children and families in need?

Political Involvement

True or False: Toby Keith performed at the inauguration ceremony for President Donald Trump in 2017.