Toby Keith's Best Music Videos Ranked


This iconic video captures the patriotic fervor of Toby Keith's anthem, featuring vivid imagery of American pride and military strength.

Been a Cowboy

In this classic western-themed video, Keith embodies the cowboy spirit as he rides horses and roams through picturesque landscapes.

Red Solo Cup

Known for its humorous tone and catchy tune, this video celebrates the quintessential party staple, the red solo cup, in a playful and energetic manner.

Beer for My Horses

Teaming up with country legend Willie Nelson, Keith delivers a memorable video highlighting themes of justice and camaraderie, set against a backdrop of the American West.

How Do You Like

This video showcases Keith's swagger as he confronts his high school crush, demonstrating confidence and defiance in the face of past rejection.

I Love This Bar

Set in a vibrant honky-tonk bar, this video captures the essence of small-town America, featuring lively performances and colorful characters.

American Soldier

A poignant tribute to the men and women serving in the U.S. military, this video depicts scenes of sacrifice, duty, and resilience, honoring the nation's armed forces.

As Good as

In this humorous and relatable video, Keith portrays a man reliving his glory days, despite the inevitable toll of time and age.

God Love Her

This video follows the story of a rebellious young woman who lives life on her own terms, embodying themes of freedom and independence against a backdrop of small-town life.