Toby Keith's Fan Favorites: Songs That Stir the Soul


the music of Toby Keith as we explore the fan-favorite songs that resonate deeply with audiences, stirring the soul and capturing the essence of country music.

Been a Cowboy

Kick off the playlist with "Should've Been a Cowboy," a fan favorite that embodies the nostalgia and longing for the cowboy life, striking a chord with listeners across generations.

Red Solo Cup

Raise a toast to "Red Solo Cup," a spirited anthem that has become a beloved fan favorite for its infectious energy, humor, and unapologetic celebration of good times.

Beer for My Horses

Sing along to "Beer for My Horses," a collaboration with Willie Nelson that has captured the hearts of fans with its catchy melody and timeless message of justice and retribution.

Courtesy of the Red

the Red, White, and Blue," a powerful anthem that pays tribute to American heroes and galvanizes listeners with its stirring message of freedom and resilience.

American Soldier

the men and women in uniform with "American Soldier," a heartfelt ballad that resonates deeply with fans for its heartfelt tribute to those who serve their country with honor.