Toby Keith's Favorite Instruments: The Stories Behind His Guitars


Delve into the world of country music legend Toby Keith as we uncover the stories behind his favorite guitars, each with its own unique history and significance.

Whiskey River

oby Keith's trusty acoustic guitar, affectionately dubbed "Whiskey River," has been by his side through countless performances and recording sessions

Red, White, and Blue

Toby Keith's custom electric guitar serves as a symbol of his unwavering pride in his country and his dedication to honoring the men and women who serve.

Honky Tonk Stomper

the resonant tones of his Dobro guitar, affectionately known as the "Honky Tonk Stomper," add depth and authenticity to his signature sound.

Cowboy Cadillac

Toby Keith's bass guitar, lovingly referred to as the "Cowboy Cadillac," lays down the foundation for his band's infectious grooves, providing the driving rhythm that keeps audiences on their feet.


Toby Keith's mandolin, named "Bluebird" for its sweet, melodic tones, adds a touch of Appalachian flavor to his music, infusing songs with a sense of nostalgia and down-home charm.


Toby Keith's resonator guitar, aptly named the "Rattlesnake," captivates audiences with its haunting melodies and soulful timbre.


A favorite among Toby Keith's collection, the Telecaster known as the "Outlaw" boasts a twangy tone and sleek design that perfectly complements his outlaw country style.


Toby Keith's favorite guitars are more than just instruments—they're cherished companions and sources of inspiration that have played an integral role in shaping his distinctive sound and style.