Toby Keith's Most Iconic Music Video Costumes: Fashion Statements That Define an Era

Should've Been a Cowboy

In the music video for his breakout hit, Toby Keith donned classic cowboy attire, including a Stetson hat, denim jacket, and cowboy boots, embodying the spirit of the Wild West.

Do You Like Me Now

For this defiant anthem, Keith sported a leather jacket, sunglasses, and a confident swagger, reflecting the song's themes of empowerment and self-assurance.

The Angry American

In one of his most patriotic videos, Toby Keith wore a patriotic ensemble featuring red, white, and blue colors, symbolizing his unwavering support for the United States.

Willie Nelson

In this Western-themed video, Keith embraced cowboy chic with a rugged yet stylish look, complete with a cowboy hat, leather vest, and boots, channeling the outlaw spirit of the song.

Red Solo Cup

For this lighthearted anthem celebrating party culture, Toby Keith donned a casual outfit featuring a red solo cup motif, embodying the song's playful and carefree vibe.

American Soldier

In homage to the bravery of American troops, Keith wore military-inspired attire, including camouflage fatigues and a soldier's uniform, honoring the sacrifices of those who serve.

Love This Bar

In the video set at a lively honky-tonk, Toby Keith sported a laid-back yet stylish look, reflecting the casual charm of the song's lyrics and setting.

As Good as I Once Was

For this humorous video depicting misadventures at a bar, Keith embraced a rugged yet relatable look, capturing the essence of the song's humorous narrative.

Who's Your Daddy

In this playful video, Toby Keith sported a suave and confident look, exuding charm and charisma as he navigated the song's cheeky storyline.