The Legendary Feuds and Friendships of Toby Keith

Should've Been a Cowboy

Kick off the journey with this classic Toby Keith hit, setting the tone for adventure and exploration on the open road.

Red Solo Cup

Keep the energy high with this upbeat and catchy anthem, perfect for singing along and raising a toast to good times ahead.

Beer for My Horses

Featuring Willie Nelson, this collaboration is a must-have for any road trip playlist, blending country charm with a hint of outlaw spirit.

I Love This Bar

Embrace the road trip vibe with this feel-good song celebrating the simple pleasures of life, from honky-tonk bars to small-town charm.

Who's Your Daddy

Add a dose of humor and attitude with this tongue-in-cheek track, guaranteed to keep spirits high during long stretches of highway.

American Ride

Cruise down the highway with this patriotic anthem, celebrating the diversity and freedom of the American experience.

Courtesy of the Red

Fuel your sense of patriotism and determination with this powerful and defiant tribute to the American spirit.

Do You Like Me Now

Embrace your inner rebel with this defiant anthem, perfect for shaking off any doubts or setbacks along the journey.

As Good as I Once Was

Reflect on life's adventures and misadventures with this humorous and relatable track, reminding you to embrace every moment of the road trip experience.