Toby Keith's Top Collaborations That Rocked the Charts

Beer for My Horses"

Toby Keith's collaboration with country legend Willie Nelson became an instant hit, topping the charts with its catchy tune and memorable lyrics.

As Good as

Teaming up with rock icon Sammy Hagar, Toby Keith delivered a powerhouse performance in "As Good as I Once Was." The fusion of country and rock elements propelled

Red Solo Cup

Red Solo Cup" became a party anthem, thanks to Toby Keith's collaboration with The Warren Brothers. The song's infectious energy and humorous lyrics resonated

American Soldier

In a heartfelt tribute to the military, Toby Keith collaborated with the 2nd Marine Division Band for "American Soldier." The patriotic anthem struck a chord with listeners,

Should've Been

Toby Keith's collaboration with Sting on "Should've Been a Cowboy" brought together two musical powerhouses for a memorable performance. The song's blend of country twang

"I Love This Bar

With "I Love This Bar," Toby Keith teamed up with Scotty Emerick to create a chart-topping hit that celebrated the simple joys of life. The song's catchy melody


A humorous yet poignant reflection on aging and past glory days, this song became a fan favorite for its relatable lyrics and catchy melody.


An unexpected hit, this tongue-in-cheek celebration of the iconic party cup became a staple at tailgates and gatherings everywhere.

Dream Walkin

Toby Keith's collaboration with jazz musician Wayman Tisdale on "Dream Walkin'" showcased his ability to transcend genres. The song's smooth blend of country