Toby Keith's Top Hits: The Ultimate Country Playlist


Toby Keith's top hits, showcasing the timeless classics and chart-topping favorites that have solidified his status as a country music icon.

Courtesy of the Red

Kick off the playlist with Keith's powerful anthem, "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue," a patriotic tribute that resonates with audiences across the nation.

Should've Been a Cowboy

Experience the nostalgia of "Should've Been a Cowboy," Keith's debut single that launched his career and became an instant classic in the country music scene.

Beer for My Horses

Raise a toast to "Beer for My Horses," Keith's collaboration with Willie Nelson, blending country charm with outlaw spirit in this unforgettable anthem.

You Like Me Now

Sing along to "How Do You Like Me Now?!" as Keith delivers a triumphant message of self-confidence and perseverance in the face of doubters.

I Love This Bar

Celebrate the simple joys of life with "I Love This Bar," a feel-good anthem that pays homage to the neighborhood watering hole and the camaraderie it inspires.

Red Solo Cup

Raise your cups high to "Red Solo Cup," Keith's playful tribute to the iconic party staple that has become a fan favorite for its infectious energy and catchy chorus.

American Soldier

Honor the brave men and women in uniform with "American Soldier," Keith's heartfelt tribute to the sacrifices made by those who serve their country with pride.


As the final notes fade away, Toby Keith's top hits playlist leaves an indelible mark on country music history, showcasing the talent and versatility of a true country legend.