"Watch Out! Top 10 Close Calls with Asteroids in History!"

Narrow Escapes

Explore the heart-pounding moments when Earth narrowly avoided catastrophic collisions.

Historical Encounters

Delve into the annals of history to uncover near-misses with asteroids.

Chicxulub Impact

Learn about the asteroid impact believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Tunguska Event

Discover the mysterious explosion over Siberia attributed to an asteroid or comet.

The Great Daylight Fireball

Explore the close encounter with a massive asteroid over the United States.

The 1972 Apollo Asteroid

Follow the story of the Apollo asteroid that came within 0.003 AU of Earth.

The 2004 MN4 Scare

Recall the panic-inducing moment when asteroid 99942 Apophis threatened a future collision.

2012 DA14 Flyby

Reflect on the close shave with asteroid 2012 DA14, passing within 27,700 kilometers of Earth.

Close Encounters in Space

Discover how astronauts aboard the International Space Station have witnessed asteroid flybys.

Lessons Learned

Consider the implications of these close calls and the importance of continued vigilance in monitoring asteroids.