Who Uses NASA?

Policy Makers

Governments around the world rely on NASA’s research and data for policy-making, particularly in areas related to climate change, environmental protection, and space law.


From astronomers to climate scientists, researchers utilize NASA’s vast repository of data and leverage its advanced technologies for scientific discoveries and advancements.

Space Industry

Companies in the aerospace sector collaborate with NASA for access to its technologies, expertise, and infrastructure, driving innovation and commercial space ventures.


Schools and universities across the globe use NASA’s educational resources and programs to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and astronauts.

Space Agencies

NASA partners with space agencies worldwide on missions, sharing knowledge, resources, and expertise to further mutual objectives in space exploration and research.


Organizations focused on environmental conservation and climate advocacy use NASA’s Earth observation data to track environmental changes and advocate for policy actions.

Security Agencies

NASA’s satellite data and technological advancements support national defense and security operations, including surveillance, communication, and navigation systems.

The General Public

With missions that capture the imagination and resources like satellite imagery and educational content, NASA engages and educates the public on space and science.

Innovation Sectors

Startups and tech companies leverage NASA’s patents and technologies to develop new products and services, from materials science to software applications.